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Lord of the Skies

Experience pixel graphics at their finest in this never ending battle against the birds. Travel from grasslands to barren volcanic wastelands. Mount your Pegasus, grab your lance... Fulfill your destiny as a Lord of the Skies!

  • Birds have 31 different skills
  • 7 unique areas to explore, 5 levels per area
  • Leader-boards for points, kills and highest level achieved
  • Saves your personal best score on your device
  • Controls designed for a touch screen / MFi Gamepad Support
  • Hidden themes that activate during specific holidays
  • No hidden fees / No Ads (new content being added on a regular basis)
  • Post your high score to Facebook
iOSAppSpy: 4.5 out of 5 Star Rating
AppAdvice: A Glowing Podcast Review by Robin Rhys
TouchArcade: "I'm really surprised with just how much I am enjoying playing Lord of the Skies"

Timeless Demo

Re-live the past... Now you can watch Tran's 1994 Timeless Demo on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This amazing demo features a constantly warping background, an original soundtrack and a handful of animated sprites that wiz around the screen.

  • This release supports pause and fast forward
  • A glimpse behind the scenes to see how the demo works
  • Unintrusive Ads that don't cover up the screen
  • The ability to play with the tint as the demo runs
  • OpenGL code runs smooth on all devices
  • Visual improvements
  • Smoother transitions